I have a few questions….

I have a few questions…

  1.   How do I make money?     Accidental Paycheck     YL Compensation plan in less than 8 minutes
  2.   Are these the best Essential oils out there?  Seed to Seal Promise
  3.   How do I use Essential Oils?  Full 101 class   Short class
  4.   Do these really work?  NIH Essential Oil studies  Search Testimonials  I love Peppermint, and Lavender, and Lemon…  I love most of them.
  5.   What training will I receive to start my new business?   We recommend the program at SmarterNetworker   Most folks never get the training they need to be the rock star they truly are.  We are committed to meeting you at every step to make sure YOU are a success, regardless of past experiences.    We can’t guarantee success, but if you learn from someone making Multiple Millions per year and fail by half, you are still making SIX figures a year.
  6.  Is this a pyramid scheme?  Really?
  7. What does Robert Kiyosaki think of Network marketing?  His words on Oprah

For all other questions, please call 512 710 5691 with your name and phone number.  We will get back to you shortly.


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